Do not wonder about the origins of your thoughts.


Neither can you allow anxiety to

interrogate and intimidate you who are the benefactor.

 He who is the provider of all your humanly needs,

 Is also the giver of your profoundest insights.

 He is capable of making visible all that is out of the spectators view.

 Just as a wall divides the horizon,

 that which lies beyond it;

 can never be hidden.

 So it is when words are the only instrument assigned to

 the physician or the musician.

 Never has there been a more demanding audience or

 a needier patient than this misguided populace.

 Though you may be subject to ridicule for revealing such profundity,

 and say yes; "Jesus has told these things to me".

 Explain that I also have tried to tell all those who doubt you:

 it is with such great sorrow I discovered

that they were not listening.